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Custom Music

Custom Music

From talented, up and coming artists.


Benjamin Allen

Music is the blood running through our veins. It’s a heart beating. It’s love. It’s everything worth living and everything worth fighting for. For Ben Allen, it’s about delivering that raw emotion and inspiration in a way that you’ve never heard before.
From soaring synthesizers and larger-than-life drums to whispering guitars, Allen creates a sense of nostalgic yet progressive atmosphere that will make you want to do nothing less than conquer the world. The steady rhythms and carefully sculpted trajectory of every track has helped make Allen a heavily sought-after composer in the realm of film and media scoring.


Mark Buergler

Music is the language of the soul. This basic philosophy drives the very essence of Mark Buergler’s sound. A fresh, energetic composer, Buergler takes listeners on a journey with every track. With seamless connection and growth, it’s not surprising to find yourself on entirely new frontiers from the opening beat to the closing phrase of one of his compositions.
While his music thrives within the realm of inspirational and uplifting film work, his diverse music abilities have scored countless projects from Youtube to broadcast television. Essentially, if you believe that music can make the world a better place, you’ll find his music to be your essential soundtrack.


Braden Anderson

Music is the pulse of life, driving us forward. With that idea, plus a bucketful of youthful exuberance, you begin to understand the inner muse of Braden Anderson. From fast-faced pop rock to explosive film score, the energy by which Anderson sculpts songs is contagious.
His work has driven dozens of successful advertising campaigns, television shows, and independent films. Through all of his music, nothing is taken for granted. This is music for those that know it’s never too soon to start living.

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